Our Vision

I don’t like to limit myself to just one style, one technique, one type of design or one kind of material but I rather love to explore many different looks, styles and options that jewelry design can be about if you open your mind to it.

That’s a reason why you will see a variety of materials, designs, technique and styles in my shop. As you can notice in many of my pieces, I love color, sparkles and items that are really unique.

You will find some vintage inspired pieces, modern contemporary style, minimalist jewelry, simple jewelry casual enough for every day, simple but rich pieces that can be worn at special occasions, like wedding or any other event when you want to look and feel your best.

I enjoy working with many different materials like crystals, fresh water pearls, semi-precious beads and stones, precious metals like silver and gold, leather, cotton cord, glass beads and base metals. I really love to work with Swarovski crystal, especially with “Rivolis”, and you will find many pieces where I used them and was inspired by them. They come in great variety of gorgeous colors and are absolutely stunning and perfectly made – I think that’s the reason I enjoy to work with them so much.

I believe that I have by now established my own personal "look" that is unique and that you will not find anywhere else. Lots of thought and attention to detail goes into every single piece I make. I hope that my pieces will make you feel special, put a smile on your face, lift your spirits and brighten your soul.

I hope you can find something special in my shop that has your name on it and that you will love wearing.