Unique Handmade Jewelry

We offer unique handmade jewelry - everyday and simple jewelry, Rivoli earrings and jewelry, Swarovski, pearl necklaces, celebrity inspired pieces, gemstone bracelets, dot necklaces and earrings, and much more.

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  • White Clover Necklace

  • Green Onyx Bracelet

  • Black Diamond Glacier Blue Rivoli

  • Gold Circle Necklace

  • Coral and Green Long Necklace

  • Gold Dot Necklace (Larger)

See something you like? Please go to  Crystal Glow Design Shop on Etsy   to purchase any item you see here.

Do you like something but would like to have it changed? Or maybe you prefer a different color or finish? Do not hesitate to contact me - I would be happy to work with you.
 Custom order requests are always welcome!