About Us

Originally from Czech Republic, I have been drawn to all things creative from my early childhood. I have always loved to make things using my hands and my creative mind - I sewed doll clothes, knitted sweaters, painted, and pursued art photography. I loved trying different techniques, using various media for my art projects and working with all kinds of materials like metals, leather, paints and fabrics.

Creating things and objects always made me happy, relaxed and fully immersed in the creative process. It was an escape from everyday mundane life. Later in my teens I attended an art school of design and worked for several years as a fabric pattern designer in my hometown.

After I came to U.S. in 1986 I started to work for small coin dealer. I had many jobs and positions there over the past 28 years, including shipping clerk, desktop publisher, graphic designer and coin photographer, but it never fully satisfied my desire to create something using my hands, my creative ideas and the need to make something beautiful, unique and functional.

The only creative venue that I was able to pursue at the time was photography. Later, I started to study art and design at El Camino College but after couple of years it became clear to me that full time job and attending school at the same time was too much to handle.

In 1994 I got inspired by a friend who started to create and sell beautiful wire wrapped necklaces and earrings. I tried to make similar jewelry items using mostly Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver wire, pearls and semi-precious gemstones. I really did not know anything about making jewelry at that time but I managed to make some decent looking pieces and sold my items at the Crafter's Guild in Torrance for a period of time.

Finally in summer 2009 I started to frequently visit “Soothe Your Soul” – esoteric store in Redondo Beach where I met lots of creative people and was able to learn some basics of jewelry making and design. The store also had enormous stock of semi-precious beads, Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls and jewelry findings; I got inspired just by looking at all the beautiful beads. Someone in the store taught me how make knotted pearl necklace and since that day I was "hooked". I started to make nice jewelry pieces for my friends and family, and later realized that it would be a perfect opportunity for me to really put my pieces “out there” and see what happens.

It took lot of hard work, experimenting, endless hours of taking pictures, many hours at the computer to get where my shop is today. It’s still “work in progress” to this day. I am so grateful that I can be part of this vast community of artists from around the world because designing and creating jewelry is the most relaxing, satisfying and rewarding process that I know.

I just hope that people will find as much joy wearing my jewelry as I enjoy making it.